Informational Series Volume 1, Part 1


A continuing care retirement community offers a contract that provides for housing, services and nursing care, usually in one location. Continuing Care Communities typically offer several distinct levels of care: independent living, assisted living with limited assistance, adult long-term care with greater assistance given to those who need help with medications and other activities of daily living, and skilled nursing care.

Usually, a resident of a continuing care community pays an entrance fee and also a monthly fee. There are three basic types of communities. One is a fee-for-service community. In this community in addition to the entrance fee and monthly fee, the resident is charged for meals and services. In this type of community, a resident pays for the services used at the current rate charged.

Another type is a modified fee-for-service. In this community, residents pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee. The monthly fee covers some meals and most services. Usually in a modified plan, some nursing care is provided at no additional cost. this plan allows residents to take advantage of the services the community without paying extra money unless there is a need for more than he normal services provided by the community.

The final type is extensive or life care. In this community, residents pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee. The monthly fee usually covers all cost and sometimes does not change from level to level. The cost of life care communities are usually higher than other communities, yet it does allow residents to know what they will normally be spending.

Today most CCRCs offer a variety of services. These may range from security guards, meals, on-site shops, banks, free utilities, pools, wellness centers, on-site doctors, housekeeping and transportation to different events and functions. Today's CCRCs allow and encourage residents to be as independent as they want to be for as long as they can, yet offers residents caring support when needed.

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