Windsor Point by Betty Lake

People come to Windsor Point for a myriad of reasons. It could be the continuing health care or the location is near family and friends. The pool, the activities, or just the friendliness and smiles on the faces of Kim and Cheryl could have been the tipping point that made them sign on the dotted line. There is Coffee with Jill the first Tuesday of the month and a Newcomers Meeting in the coffee lounge on the third Monday. These meetings will answer your questions and deal with your concerns. It will give you new insights into the workings of Windsor Point, while you get to know the Director in person. Around the first of each month, a schedule of activities is put in each resident community mailbox.

It starts with a list of church buses and worship on Sunday and lists activities provided each day of the week. Bible studies are offered twice a week. One is led by the residents and the other by Chaplain Tom.

If you are interested in your fitness, something is happening Monday through Friday that will give your body a gentle workout. A favorite activity is the aqua aerobics and the freestyle water workout. Enjoy a dip in the pool during the hot summer months or during the cold winter season, you can enjoy the feeling of being at a resort in Florida. The cardio workout and Norma’s strength training will keep your body in shape while the yoga and Tai Chi classes will balance you both mentally and physically. There is something for everyone’s physical ability and desires.
Did you ever feel ill and think that you didn’t have the energy to go to the doctor or you enter the doctor’s office to find a room full of coughing, sneezing people. You can almost see the germs floating in the air. You wish that the doctor would come to you, in your home, like they used to years ago. Wish no longer. Windsor Point has welcomed ‘Doctors Making House Calls’ and they do just that. Your doctor visit is in the comfort of your own home. When  x-rays, blood tests, sonograms, and electrocardiograms are needed they come to you.

If you are a game player, this is the place for you. We are learning to play Mahjong on Monday afternoon. You have a choice of playing Bridge, Poker, Rummikub, Marble Chace, Mexican Train Domino’s, Scippo, Scrabble or Scategories at any of the buildings during the afternoon and evening. There is a strong following to play Bingo on Wednesday afternoon and Bunco Wednesday evening. If you want to be a little more active, you can play Ping-Pong, Billiards or Wii Bowling.

When you do not wish to drive, you can take the bus every Wednesday to go anywhere in Fuquay. Most people want to go to Walmart but other destinations are available, just ask. Sign up for the door to door service with Julie, when you have a doctor’s appointment.

There are outings throughout the month. The Romeo’s and the Juliet’s go out to lunch once a month to restaurants in the area.  Other outings are the NC Symphony, the Aloha Safari Zoo, Publix, the Outlets in Smithfield and the breakfast club will go to Bagels Plus.
You can imbibe in the spirits of your choice every Thursday before dinner in the coffee lounge for the BYOB Party. Every Saturday is Wine and Cheese with Joanne at the piano.

Aids’ Repair
Once a month the Dressen’s Wheelchair and Walker Repair representatives will repair walking aides without a labor charge. Only part costs will be charged to you. Your hearing and your hearing aids will also be checked free of charge in the Healthcare clinic.

Literary Thursday
Thursdays are literary day. The first Thursday of the month is Book Club. If you are not interested in the book chosen each month, there is a library filled with large print books as well as regular print. The second and fourth Thursday is the Writers Workshop. Two pages documenting moments in our life are read and commented upon. Some are printed in our quarterly magazine, The View Points. The third Thursday will be the Poetry Class. Valerie Macon, a former Poet Laureate of NC, is teaching us how to express ourselves through poetry.

Movie Day
Friday is a movie day. Sit back in the auditorium and watch classic and contemporary movies.

Jewelry Making with Myrna has finished up and we are now enjoying Card Making with Peggy. There are groups doing knitting, crocheting, crafts, and painting.
The fourth Monday of the month is the monthly Birthday Bash. Each month the residents who have a birthday will be honored in a joint Birthday Party with cake and ice cream.
Often during the year, there are musicians, singers, and dancers who perform for us, in the auditorium. Our calendars are particularly full during November and December.  

Christmas is spectacular during the Christmas season. Almost every common room is decorated. Over fifty trees are ‘dressed’ differently. An open house shows off our Christmas memories and entertains us with music and singing. 

A celebration is held during anniversary week. Each year a different country, state or area is chosen to be the theme. During our last anniversary, we did all things, New York, from a day at the ballpark to a jigsaw puzzle contest between the different living areas.

Final Thoughts
Both residents and staff are friendly, welcoming people. It won’t be long before everyone will be greeting you by name and you will think of Windsor Point as your home and the residents and staff as your extended family. There are so many activities to choose from, your calendar can be full or sedentary. Your life will be as full and active as you want it to be.

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