What is there to do on these Cold Winter Days?

Losing yourself in a good book is one of the best ways to while away a frigid winter day... And one of the best places to find a good book is in Windsor Point's Book Of The Month Club, our library committee recently purchased The Dinner by Herman Koch, Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, and Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly, as well as half a dozen new DVDs, including The Life of Pi and Oz the Great & Powerful.  Just this month, the committee also began pumping its PAPERBACK EXCHANGE program, and donations are pouring in.  Paperbacks are perfect for tucking into your purse or coat pocket for easy access in doctors' waiting rooms, so don't be shy about helping yourself at our new wall of shelved paperbacks.  Or if you're looking for a book to listen to while you're baking or doing needlework, the Windsor Point library now boasts more than 50 audio books! Our relationship with the Wake County Public Library and our friends here in its Fuquay branch have been such a blessing over the years, loaning us 30 additional large-print books each month to augment our stock, and supplying our Book Club with monthly kits that include regular, large-print and audio forms of the same title as well as discussion questions, author interviews and book reviews. For those who do not have the attention span for a novel, why not check out one of the dozen or magazine's our library committee subscribes to. From " National Geographic" to "Southern Living" , "Time" to "Entertainment Weekly", certainly there's something on the shelves of Windsor Point Library to keep you cozy all winter!

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